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Putting the Montessori philosophy into practice.

Exercises of Practical Life

The Practical Life exercises of the Montessori environment has four main focuses: Social Graces, Preliminary Activities, Taking care of self and Taking care of the environment. These activities enhance the motor co-ordination and foster independence and self confidence. the child learns to take care of self and his/her environment and learns socially acceptable behaviour. Activities involve Pairing, Folding, Pouring, Rolling of mats, Frames, Polishing, etc.

Sensorial Activities

Activities with the sensorial apparatus such as - the Pink Tower, Brown Stairs, Long Rods, Knobless Cylinders, etc; help to sharpen the child's senses and build up his/her intellect. Sensorial Activities helps the children enhance their senses such as visual, auditory, gustatry, tactile and olfactory. These prepare him/her for an intelligent understanding of his/her environment.


We aim to widen the child’s exposure to language, with correct visual recognition, diction, memory, vocabulary, listening skills, phonic sounds, recognizing and writing skills.

Foundation Mathematics

Learning mathematical concepts in a Montessori classroom begins from the scratch and advances towards the dynamic. We have an organized curriculum and apparatus which helps to establish a solid framework in mathematics using materials such as - Number rods, Spindle boxes, Golden bead material, Cards and counters, Seguin boards, and so forth.

Culture and Environmental Studies

The cultural activities help the child in self-awareness and self-location which gives a holistic understanding of the world he/she lives in. This part of the curriculum imparts knowledge and understanding of geography, history, botany, zoology, science, art, etc.
Model presentation, visual aids and puzzles are used to introduce the following: Transport, Road signs, Landscapes, Fruits and Vegetables, etc.

Music and Drama

Rhythmic songs assist in acquisition of language and discrimination of sounds. Through drama, children learns movement, expression and voice modulation.

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